Croatia for Adventure Lovers

In a search for an adventure, discover Croatia's rich selection of outdoor activities.

Vrsar, photo credit: Boris Stajduhar

Over the last few years, Croatia recognized the importance of active tourism. While swimming in the sea, sunbathing on the beach, and sightseeing historical attractions for some can be more than enough, other travelers seek an adventure.

Island routes for passionate cyclists

Since Croatia is a country of thousand islands, it would be a shame not to explore at least the most attractive ones. Hvar, Brač, Korčula, and Vis are the islands that first come to our mind. While sightseeing by walking through towns or driving from one attraction to another can be fascinating and fun, there are other ways to explore islands. The most adventurous way is cycling through nature or small alleys while stumbling upon hidden locations. This way, you are staying mobile but still can stop when and where you want to and admire beautiful viewpoints, take a photo and enjoy a moment.

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Three most spectacular islands for cycling


Brač has 25 bike trails, which makes it the first island by the number of cycling routes. Many trails on this island are named after saints, longest amongst them is St. Jurje with 180 kilometers. This route is especially popular with cycling enthusiasts because it starts in Supetar and goes through all of the Brač localities.


Bikining trail Ager on Hvar island is 11 kilometers long delight both for cycling and history lovers. Since ancient times, generations of islanders have left their mark in Faroska Hora or Ager, the largest field on the Croatian island. To date, this is the best-preserved cadastre in the Mediterranean, recognized by UNESCO.


The source of life is the name of the Korčula island cycling trail, inspired by the fact that Blato, the starting point of the trail, has a source of drinking water. The path leads through the picturesque olive tree groves to the north coastline and an archeological site that testifies life in this area from the prehistoric era.

Bungee jumping at the Maslenica bridge

For real adrenaline addicts, there is a famous bungee jumping Croatia hot spot. Maslenica bridge, with its 56 meters, is the highest bridge for the bungee jumping in the country. The season of bungee jumping from Maslenica bridge opens on the 1st of July and lasts until the end of August. For this activity, you do not have to be specially prepared. A team of experts with more than 10-year experience will take the best care of you. And if you want, as a unique souvenir from your vacation, you can ask for a video of you jumping from Maslenica bridge. The jump ends 5 meters above the sea, where you get safely into a boat and to the mainland. If you are a fan of sea and heights, there is cliff jumping and deep water soloing activity, popular in Split area, where the person climbs from the sea level to the top of the cliff without any climbing gear.

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Zipline experience for the brave adventurers

If you get bored of laying on the beach and swimming in the see-through water of Adriatic, you can find excitement on the zipline flight. Whether you book your vacation for summer months or the winter season, zipline polygons are always open. Walking through the green forest sceneries, exploring caves, or cycling on the riverside is nice, but flying above them will literally give you a new majestic perspective. In a hunt for spectacular viewpoints to make your journey to the top more interesting, you can also engage in hiking or rock climbing. Moreover, if you don’t feel like going down the same way or you want to enjoy the view a little bit longer, paragliding is a perfect option for you.

Top three most amazing destionations for zipline


Only 3 kilometers from Omiš, in the canyon of the river Cetina, you can experience two and a half hours zipline flight at 150 meters above the ground.


At the speed of 120 kilometers per hour and 80 meters from the ground, you will feel like you are flying through mesmerizing Lika forest.


A flight on the 280 meters long zipline line over Pazin Cave will be an unforgettable memory from your vacation in Istria.

Diving in a search for the piece of history

Adriatic sea hides many underwater attractions. Sea surrounding Vis island has quite a few intriguing pieces of history worth diving for. A Greek cargo ship, an attractive wreck of preserved warehouses and tanks, from 1938 is easily accessible for beginners in diving on the depth of 25 to 50 meters. For more experienced divers there is American aircraft Boeing B17G on the south coast of the island. The wreck is well-preserved, especially the cockpit and body of the aircraft. This American war Boeing B17G sank in 1944 and can be found 72 meters under the Adriatic sea.

Lastovo, photo credit: Marjan Radovic

Rafting and kayaking on Croatian waters

Crystal-clear rivers streaming in the heart of preserved Croatian sceneries are suitable for rafting, canoeing, and kayaking. While rafting will give you an adrenaline rush, canoeing and kayaking are for calmer waters and the travelers that want to soak up all of the surrounding flora and fauna. For those who are laid-back adventurers, exploring the Adriatic sea by kayak might be an ideal way to spend a vacation while in Croatia.

Top three rivers for rafting and kayaking


Rafting on the Cetina river is one of the most exciting outdoor activities in the middle Dalmatia. This adventure lasts from 3 to 4 hours and is suitable for every age. Along this river, you will enjoy in untouched nature of the pristine wilderness of Dalmatia.


The crystal-clear water of the Zrmanja river streams through the 200 meters deep canyon and pours into magnificent waterfalls. The most impressive one is 11 meters tall Veliki buk that you will see if you choose to raft or kayak on the Zrmanja river.


Kayaking through the Gacka river is ideal for family, friends, youth, and older people. This river is safe and still. Kayaking through this calm water will give you a chance to observe and capture all of the sceneries along the way.

Surfing on the waves of the Adriatic sea

As mentioned earlier, the Adriatic sea is great for cliff jumping, deep water soloing, diving, and kayaking. Besides all of these escapades, there are quite a few popular destinations for windsurfing at the Brač, Pelješac, and Krk island. However, if you are a beginner at this water sport, you can practice your balance on the stand-up paddle to gain some confidence for the big waves.

Windsurfing, photo credit: Damir Spanic

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