Croatia for Island Hoppers

The Croatian coast with more than 1000 islands is one of the most indented in the world.

From Kvarner islands to the middle Adriatic, all the way to the south of the Croatian coast, there are numerous islands you should not forget to visit while staying in Croatia. Sandy beaches, rich culture and history, stunning architecture, pristine nature, and recreation are only some of the Croatian island's features.

The largest island in the Adriatic

Starting from the North Adriatic, the first destination you should hop on is Krk, the largest island on the Croatian coastline. There is a bridge linking the island to the mainland, which makes it easily accessible. Krk is known as the cradle of Croatian culture. The most famous piece of its heritage is the Baska tablet, the oldest Glagolitic inscription written in the Croatian language. Besides its rich cultural heritage, Krk hides preserved nature. It is home to numerous birds and more than 1400 plant species. The biggest island in Croatia is surrounded by crystal-clear sea, which implies there is a diversity of majestic beaches on the outskirts of the island. The nature of  Krk’s beaches is so pure and unspoiled that even Foundation for Environmental Education validated it with a world-renowned eco-label Blue flag on 15 island’s beaches.

The Island of Sandy Beaches

Still in the northern area of the Croatian coast, close to Krk is Rab island. The most magnificent features of this island are sandy beaches. The island has 30 beaches covered in golden sand. There is an ideal beach for everybody, from nude beaches, secluded oasis, dog-friendly beaches to the beaches for single people. The soul of the island is a town of the same name, circled by walls that formerly served to protect the Rab from attacks. The main attractions of the town are four Romanesque bell towers, which give it the appearance of a sailing ship with raised masts.

What to do while on Rab Island


History lovers can visit church and bell of Saint Mary, Dominis Nimira Palace, or sarcophagus from the 5th century in Saint Stephen church.


During the summer months, Rab island comes alive. Island's calendar is booked with numerous festivals and events such as music nights, summer of art, concerts of popular bands, and knight games.


Outdoor enthusiasts can explore the nature of Rab island while hiking, riding a bike, diving, kayaking, fishing, or doing some other sport activity.

The Stone Island

In the Middle Adriatic, only half an hour from Split, there is the third largest Croatian Island, Brac. Brac is best known for its spectacular beach Zlatni Rat (Golden Cape), perfect for getting suntan and windsurfing. From ancient times the island provided the stone for constructing famous buildings. The most memorable in the area is the Diocletian’s Palace in Split. Furthermore, the locals believe the parts of The White House were built from Brac’s stone. If they believe it, we believe it too. The island has an adventurous side; it is a center for extreme sports. Every summer, Brac hosts a Vanka Regule Festival, where participants can try free climbing and free diving, along with more traditional sports.

The locals believe the parts of The White House were built from Brac's stone. If they believe it, we believe it too.

Sunniest Island in Croatia

Hvar is the sunniest Croatian island with more than 2700 hours of sunshine, located in the neighborhood of Brac. This island is one of the most popular destinations in Croatia due to its pleasant climate and undeniable beauty. Evidence of the previous statement is the 2019 Condé Nast Reader’s Choice Award for the best island in Europe. When we talk about being first, Hvar was taking the lead in a few areas. The island had the first theatre, and it is the founder of the oldest organized tourism in Europe. Having a long tradition of attracting tourists, the locals know how to approach travelers with the diverse meaning of a vacation.

Hvar is a quite popular party destination, the most famous amongst the young crowd for the club Carpe Diem.

Destination for every occasion

Party Destination

Hvar is a quite popular party destination, the most famous amongst the young crowd for the club Carpe Diem. While you are seizing the day at a peek of the season, you can catch international celebrities busting their moves. Eva Longoria, Beyonce, Prince Harry and Bono are just some of the names of celebrities who loved this island.

Family Retreat

Hvar is not only reserved for partying. It is a great place for a family trip with its turquoise water, sandy beaches, and a variety of recreational activities. Take upon a family diving lesson, rent bicycles to explore the mainland, or go on a boat tour. Mix up history with recreation; race to the top of the 13th-century fortress Fortica, and take a family photo with a majestic view.

Romantic Hideaway

In the sunniest island in Croatia, there are plenty of chances to bring back the romance. Hvar's worldly known for its wine production, especially for the red wine sort Plavac. Learning how the wine is made and tasting renowned wine from local wineries is a great way of bonding. Also, do not miss walking through the aromatic lavender fields or sailing to the beaches, hidden from the eyes of others.

The Hidden Pearl of the Adriatic

Vis, separated by the channel from Hvar, is the farthest inhabited Croatian island, and it is never crowded with tourists, which makes it a perfect getaway. While Hvar is the founder of organized tourism in Europe, Vis was well hidden from the tourists until 1989 due to military purposes. Mountain landscapes, historical sights, and two charming towns – Vis and Komiza are the top reasons to wander around this island.

In 2018 Vis and Komiza became famous worldwide as both towns appear in the movie Mamma Mia sequel. For six weeks, Vis island became a fictional Greek island in the musical starring Amanda Seyfried, Pierce Brosnan, Colin Firth, Meryl Streep, and many other amazing actors. If you are a fan of the film, you can explore the island and try to find famous filming locations from scenes in the movie.
Near the town of Komiza, there is a hidden pearl of Adriatic, magical Blue Cave in Bisevo. Around noon, when the sea is still, the sun's rays penetrate through the underwater opening into the Blue Cave, reflecting from the white bottom and illuminating the cave with blue, and objects in the water with a silver color.

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The Marko Polo’s Island

Sailing to the south from Vis will lead you to Korčula. The island was a home of a famous explorer from the 13th century, Marco Polo. Moreover, you can visit the Marco Polo house, where he was born. Meet the traditional side of the island. Korčula has a tradition of sword dancing, the moreška. It is a unique dance that is performed in summer months, accompanied by the drum and brass band. The island is not too far from Dubrovnik, so a one-day trip to the Game of Thrones sights will not be a problem.

A home of a famous explorer from the 13th century, Marco Polo

The Island of Olive Trees

While you are headed to Dubrovnik, stop by the island of Šipan. This charming island, with the size of only 16 square kilometers, is the largest from the Elaphiti islands. Šipan has a longstanding tradition of olive oil production. It even got into the Guinness book of records by the most number of olive trees on the island in relation to its size and population. In history, Šipan was a peaceful oasis for Dubrovnik’s society crème de la crème. Hence, on this small island, there are 42 old summer residents and 34 churches.

Even though some other European countries, such as Greece, have many beautiful islands, there is a particular reason why Croatia is one of the most attractive sailing destinations. Croatian islands are much closer to each other. Therefore, in a short amount of time, you can visit more islands and not waste your precious time, reserved for exploring and experiencing the pristine beauty of the Adriatic coast.

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