Our Story

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Our story, like many other love stories, began as a friendship that grew into a lifelong romance. It all began one hot summer in 2014 when I went to the United States as part of an internship program at the Greenwich Country Club where I met Dan.

Journey of 5,000 miles

It was my first time in the USA, so making a new friend helped me a lot in getting used to the new surrounding. Still, being 5,000 miles away from my home in Croatia made me homesick. Especially, taking into consideration, that almost every summer I would spend on the beautiful Adriatic coast. As much as I loved Greenwich, part of me was longing for the sandy beaches, crystal-clear sea and majestic sunsets in pristine nature of my home country.

The only way to keep my memories alive was to talk to members of the Club about beauties and experiences which the Adriatic coast has to offer. As I talked, people became curious, and this gave me even more zest to recommend them all of my favorite places and hidden gems of Croatia, known only by locals.

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Back then, very few people heard about Croatia and even Dubrovnik as the famous show “Game of Thrones” was in the early stages of choosing the destination for filming. Llittle by little, I got more recognized as an unofficial travel advisor for Croatia than I did for my official role as a hospitality intern. That was the moment I realized how passionate I was in giving advice on where to travel and what to see in Croatia. Another plus was that I genuinely enjoyed it.

It wasn’t long before everyone suggested that I should start my own business. But that didn’t happen immediately.

Tying the Knot

Something that did happen that summer, was that Dejan and I started our own journey filled with travel adventures. Before we knew it, we were saying wows to each other and creating our new home in beautiful Croatia. Now, we are proud parents of our little angel daughter Lara.

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Our “Why”

Since America brought us together, we wanted to return the favor. Therefore, we decided to officially start to connect Americans with Croatia. That was the moment our business was born. Back in 2018, we opened the doors of our small boutique travel agency in Greenwich (Connecticut), specialized in luxurious experiences in Croatia. From my student days and throughout my career, I’ve always been skillful in planning and organizing trips for other people. When you combine my planning skills with Dejan’s attention to details and experience he gained from the manager position, it just made sense for us to become travel experts for Croatia.

Today, we are providing and handling luxury tailor-made journeys for high-end clientele. Our trips have impeccable logistics, taking our clients only to the places they want to go, at a time and pace that suits them the best. The thing that excites us the most is to create small but meaningful surprises for our clients while they are enjoying the perks of Croatia. We want our travelers to get the most out of their experience, even if it means going the extra mile (or two) to achieve that. Nothing is making us more thrilled than hearing about all the powerful impressions Croatia made on our travelers!


Our Mission

Croatia is still an unexplored destination. Our mission is to assist you in discovering all of its secret corners. Give you an authentic experience that will create lifelong memories. Showcase you Croatia we love and know.

– Authentic.

– Charming.

– Pure.

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