Family vacation in Croatia

Spending quality time with your loved ones has a new meaning

If anything, this pandemic taught us how fragile life is and how important it is to shift priorities to what truly matters – spending quality time with our family (and buying enough toilet paper). Since there are many benefits from a family vacation, we decided to highlight the most important ones in this period of uncertainty and change.

Making memories that last a lifetime

Most of my childhood memories take me back to spending summer vacations with my family on the Croatian coastline. Two weeks of playing UNO, which would result in everybody quickly getting mad and as quickly making up, fishing to make our father proud, and challenging each other in a volleyball match, I recall with a smile on my face. In between these activities and eating ice-cream, we would spend most of our time swimming in the pristine Adriatic. However, the last trip with my family as a child happened 15 years ago, but recollections are as lively as ever. I am sure you can also agree that some of your best childhood memories are the ones from family trips. So, why not give your children something as precious as you had to remember?

Start collecting memories for your family album today, so your children have something to remember tomorrow.

Gaining habits of physical activity

Even though all these activities we have had as children are amazing, today, kids can have even more meaningful and impactful vacations that they will not forget. There are plenty of options to choose from. If you are up for active vacation you can go rafting, canoeing, and kayaking on crystal-clear Croatian rivers, cycling through nature, engaging in hiking or rock climbing, or go exploring underwater historical attractions. Being physically active in a fun way will give your child an idea of how to stay active without feeling forced and bored. Admit it, you probably gained a few pounds from staying at home, too. Therefore, an active vacation would be a great start for the whole family to get back on the healthy lifestyle.

Learning through meaningful experiences

You probably heard of the expression ‘children absorb information like a sponge’. Giving them information that will spark their curiosity early on will transform them into persistent adults with an active mind. Taking your children to the beautiful ancient buildings does not look like an obvious choice for stimulating their young brains. Nevertheless, considering Croatian history is full of legends and stories with dragons, fairies, and other mythical creatures, kids will not be overwhelmed with details more suitable for adults. Instead, they will actually remember these stories, and they will see history as something fun and fascinating. Besides its rich history, Croatia is proud of its national and nature parks. Brijuni are a definite must for a family vacation. A little train going through the safari park, a 1600-year-old olive tree, and 169 species of exotic and indigenous plants that you can scan through QR code for more information will satisfy everybody’s’ curiosity.

Adapting to new situations and surroundings

Traveling to foreign countries and learning about different cultures will help your children in the long run. They will become more open to people of different nationalities and religious beliefs. Furthermore, they will be more adaptive to the change. Communicating without knowing the language, trying out Croatian specialties for the first time, and learning how locals live, will broaden the horizons of your child. While children are gaining their knowledge, you can learn some of the wisdom through your taste buds by sipping fine Croatian wine.

Get to know Croatia through the unique Mediterranean specialties, passed on from generation to generation.

Experiences vs. material things

In this consumerist era, most of us get caught up with material belongings. During this pandemic, I believe all of us recognized how much material things are worthless compared to the quality time with our loved ones. That is a valuable lesson we can pass on to the younger generations.

Why not start today with this important lesson?

A vacation in Croatia with a tailor-made approach and local knowledge will give you the most out of your family vacation. Children will have fun while learning, and you will learn how to have fun all over again.

Your family vacation starts here


Barbara Boltiš

September 11, 2020

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