Hidden Gems Of Istria

A journey to a world of Mediterranean experiences

Istria is a splendid region in Croatia that has marvelous coastlines and humble people. Its a heart-shaped peninsula to the south of Trieste. The travelers are always moved by the bucolic interior of the hills and the crystal clear water.

Istrian Coast

This is a land where you will find yourself seized even by the merest things. However, some travelers even state that the simplicity of this land is what makes it more exuberating.

While you proceed towards the inland of the Istria coast you will find unspoiled villages that are encompassed of pine forest, hilltop towns, fertile valleys, and vineyard. While you wander around the countryside you will feel that the daily life slowdowns and there is no havoc around you.

All that you will find around yourself are people hunting truffles, harvesting grapes, and cultivating olives. The calmness and serenity will make you realize that Istria is truly a treasure that everyone must discover for themselves.

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Istrian Cuisine

Istria is very popular among travelers for food, wine, and great villas. The Istria cuisine will enhance your taste buds with variation and balance. The cuisine will give you the experience of both the Continental side and even the Mediterranean side. But the most common thing about Istria food is olive oil. No matter what time of the year you may visit Istria, you will find the finest olive oil in their food.

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Istrian Wine Tour

On your itinerary to Istria, do not forget to treat yourself with the Istrian wine. Nowadays, wines have become a unique symbol of their identity. You will find a plethora of variations of wine in this memorizing peninsula. But the most famous wine that you should try out is Istrian Malvasia.

After you have relished the finest taste of Malvasia, then head on to taste the other wines such as Muscat, Teran, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon. Moreover, you will find these wines in the northern part of Istria. Apart from tasting wines, you can even go on a wine tour through the picturesque hills of Istria and this is something that you should not miss at all.

Istrian Villas

This Croatian peninsula is rich in nature, wine, cuisine, and olive oil. But the most amazing thing about the place is the rented villas. We all as traveler desire to stay at a place that seems like safe heaven and Istria has understood this need completely.

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Istria is a place that has the finest blend of forest snuffing, bay hugging, and island grazing adventure. It is even the best place where you can encounter serenity and tranquility in its purest forms.

So, with any more thoughts pack your bags for the incredible peninsula in Croatia and unveil the secrets and surprises it has stored for you to discover.


Iva Bitanga

March 16, 2019