Staying in a Luxury Croatian Villa

What makes Croatia an ideally romantic rendezvous is the luxurious villas across the region.

Croatia has always been a lover’s paradise and a fascinating holiday getaway for the families as well. Thanks to its scenic beauty, long coastlines, medieval architecture and most importantly beautiful climate that have always captivated the visitors here.

What’s the Fuss about Luxurious Croatian Villas?

As a holiday accommodation, luxury villas offer a plethora of benefits over apartments, hotels and other alternatives. While these are an especially good fit for large families and a big group, you are simply going to be mesmerized with the luxury furnishings, quality fixtures, and the plethora of lifestyle amenities. Besides, these spacious living space offer safety, privacy, serenity and breath-taking views.

Luxury Villa with Pool overlooking Dubrovnik Old Town

The Spacious Adventure

If a spacious accommodation is what you are looking for, there’s no better place that these luxurious villas. The medieval buildings are full of space both inside & outside. Most of these premium villas come with 3 or 4 bedrooms with 140 square meter of a living arena. Each of the rooms is featured with en-suite bathroom. Outdoor spaces usually include covered terraces and a garden. Some five start holiday villas in Croatia also has a private pool.

Privacy is Priority

Privacy is given a heightened importance when it comes to renting the luxury villas in Croatia. These are mostly based in rural areas and hence offer enough privacy. The medieval architecture with buildings surrounded by stone walls can easily prevent the curious views of neighbors and passers-by. So if you are planning a honeymoon retreat and want to stay an entire day with a bikini, you can do that without a second thought.


Peace and Quiet At its Prime

As mentioned earlier, these luxurious villas are nestled in rural location thus offering you a peaceful retreat from the congestion of a bustling city life. Whether you are planning a romantic retreat or spending some quality alone time, these villas will offer you the much-needed tranquility, relaxation, peace, and quiet.

The luxury Croatian Villas are no less than a 5-star hotel, at least in terms of the offered facilities. From flat-screen TV, free WiFi, designer furniture, BBQ facilities, modular kitchen to the recreation stuff like PlayStation, trampoline, these villas will offer you everything. There are saunas, and gym facilities indoor in many places.

So, what are you waiting for? Your next vacation can be truly adventurous if Croatia is in your cards.


Iva Bitanga

May 9, 2018