Things to do in October in Dalmatia

Discover all the reasons to visit Dalmatia in October and book your trip today

You are probably thinking there are fewer reasons to visit Croatia in October than in the summer months. Maybe you think it will be rainy and not that much to do. Therefore, you will be bored and stuck in one place during your vacation. I have one good news and one bad news for you.

The good news is that the weather is very pleasant. The average October air temperature in Dalmatia is about 17°C. Some days temperature can reach up to 28°C, so you do not have to worry about being cold or taking your umbrella everywhere. The bad news is that there are numerous things you can do in Dalmatia in October; it will be hard for you to choose from a variety of activities. This is where I can help you, so stick around.

Taste the fruit of your labor

October is the month for olive picking in Dalmatia. Moreover, Brac island is a host of the World championship in olive picking. Make a team of four and enter the competition in a charming little place Postira from 8th to 11th of October. All of the equipment is provided by organizers. During the four-day championship, you will get the chance to learn more about the longstanding tradition of olive production on Brac island. Visit the Museum of olive oil, where you can taste local products made from this liquid gold.

You can extend your four-day stay in Brac to explore the island by yourself or with guided tours. Check out the Dragon cave, a monument of the monastery life of the monks from the 15th century. The cave has been used as an habitant and temple for monks and their monastery way of living. Furthermore, if you are a fan of legends, you will love Brac. One of the legends is about islands worldly popular stone. There is a legend Brac stone was used in building The White House in Washington. It is believed a Hungarian salesman bought three ships of Brac stone and then sold it to the USA for building The White House. Even though there is no real evidence this stone was used in building The White House, locals do not doubt it the truthfulness of this story. Stop by the Brac and hear more about the legends and myths of the island told by locals.

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Admire the local architecture

Not so far from Brac is a Hvar island, sunniest Croatian island. Hop on the boat and take a walk around the island. Let your first steps lead you to the Summer residence of Croatian poet Hanibal Lucic. The summer residence of Croatian poet is a monument of countryside architecture, built in the 16th century. It is composed of two buildings and an extensive garden in the renaissance style with a little bit of influence of the late gothic style. The residence has all the marks of Dalmatian Renaissance architecture, which is understandable given that local masters participated in the construction. Besides the architecture, you can visit the Hvar Heritage Museum, located inside the estate. Outside of this historical house, there is a main Hvar’s square, known as Pjaca. It is the largest square in Dalmatia. Sit on the terrace in some of the lovely cafes. Taste Hvar’s wine Bogdanusa, which literally means given from God and savor every sip while observing the beautiful architecture of this ancient island.

Start Planning Your Trip

This is not the end of the things you can do on the island. In October, there is a Big Game Fishing Tournament, organized by the fishing sport club “Palmizana”. There is plenty of fish in the water surrounding Hvar, especially Bluefin tuna. Many fishing enthusiasts all around the world participate in this event, hoping their bait will lure some of the biggest fishes in the Adriatic Sea. If you have an adventurous spirit, Hvar will provide you the action you crave. Whether you like kayaking, skydiving, paintball, sailing, or hiking, you can get all of that, plus much more on the sunniest island in Croatia.

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Discover Croatian waterfalls in 50 shades of autumn

October is the best month to visit magnificent Croatian national parks. Dalmatia hides many natural gems, and in the autumn colors, they sparkle the brightest. Head up to Krka waterfalls and see it for yourself. National park Krka takes up a space of 109 square kilometers, which includes seven waterfalls. The most divine amongst all the waterfalls in the park is Skradinski buk. The waterfall consists of islands and lakes. There are also mills and ethnological collection showrooms you can visit. A two-hour drive from Krka, there is another national park, known for its pristine beauty and crystal-clear water, Plitvice lakes. Plitvice lakes are the oldest and the largest Croatian national park. This is also one of those magical places everybody takes photos of. On the photo below you can see why.

Treat yourself

As you can see, October is a good time to enjoy your much-needed vacation. If you do not know where to start planning your trip, contact us. We would be more than delighted to give you a tailor-made trip you deserve!

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Barbara Boltiš

July 14, 2020