Things to do in October in Istria

Find out why you should consider visiting Istria in October

You might think now the summer months are over, the atmosphere has died, and there is not a lot going on in Croatia throughout October, especially near the Adriatic Sea. Well, Istrians are the real evidence it is quite the opposite. In Istria, there is an abundance of entertaining events all year long. From dancing events, food and drinks festivals to numerous sporting happenings.

Dance your socks off

From time to time, it is good to shake off stress and dance. From 7th to 11th of October, Rovinj becomes a giant dance studio. Squares turn into spectacular dancing stages. Join in and learn the basics of tango. Tango is meant for two, grab your better half and upgrade your dance skills. And if you do not have a better half, it is a good moment to make some new friends. What better way to meet someone new than through sharing a unique experience? Maybe you will not look like the couple on the photo, but it is more important how you feel than how you look. So, enjoy yourself!


If you are not ready to show your moves, you can watch others do it. At the Festival of amateur cultural creation, which takes place in Rovinj and Pazin on 2nd and 3rd October, you can see many international traditional dance groups present their culture. Moreover, this festival is not only dedicated to dance, but it is also a mix of choir singing, brass group performances, fine arts exhibitions, and folklore shows.

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Fill your glass with local goodies

Throughout October, there are four events including local beverages. Events are perfectly scheduled for the whole month without overlapping. Coincidence? I think not. Organizers probably wanted to make it convenient so you can try and taste a little bit of everything. And also, to give you enough time for recovery from the hangover. In the first week of the month head up to Porec riviera where you can taste local craft beers while listening to music. Istria & Craft Beer Festival gathers a variety of independent craft breweries. While you are sipping your craft beer, grab some street food, and listen to popular Croatian bands. Festival lasts a week, which gives you enough time to taste the majority of exhibited beer and food.


Just on the last day of the Istria & Craft Beer Festival, the 10th of October, there is a one-day event in picturesque Motovun, dedicated to teran and truffles. A medieval town, situated on the top of the hill, overlooks on the forest, Mirna river, and valley. Climb up and taste teran wine and truffles while admiring the view on the valley bathed in golden colors of autumn. Teran is an old Istrian wine sort, which originates 600 years ago. The deep red color of teran goes along with the October palette of natural colors. Next to the teran, there are truffles, essential to Istrian gastronomy. Festival unites Istrian wineries and gastronomic truffle delicacies, which compliment teran. The following event is about wine, too. Fair of wine, which gathers Istrian, Croatian and international wine producers, takes place in a Svetvincenat, historical Istrian gem. Each year this happening hosts crème de la crème of Istrian wineries. This year will not be an exception.

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The biggest party in the smallest town in the world

The biggest number of rakija producers you will find in the smallest town in the world, Istrian town of Hum. At this event, you can taste the traditional homemade brandy-like beverage, made from different herbs and fruits. The most popular rakijas are made from honey, cherry, mint, and walnut. Croatians consider rakija as a magical potion. Whatever problem you are facing, rakija will help!

Hidden Gems Of Istria

Fill your plate, too

You cannot dance and drink on an empty stomach. With everything going on in Istria during the month, your plate will never be empty. Start off with Park Food Fest, continue with the Istrian International festival of prosciutto and finish off with Chestnut festival. In parks of old town Novigrad, on the 3rd of October, Park Food Fest brings together street food and culinary shows of renowned restaurants. Exquisite food made by chefs from restaurants will be accompanied by top-notch Istrian wines and local craft beers.

Prosciutto is one of the most recognizable gastronomy goods in Croatia. There is no wonder why Istria celebrates this national treasure every year at the International Festival of prosciutto (ISAP) in Tinjan, from 16th to 18th of October. Prosciutto, or as Istrians call it the violin, gained its royal status due to its flavor, soft texture and fresh scent. Besides feasting on this glorious meat, during this two-day event you can participate in numerous sports, cultural, traditional, and other foodie activities. Finally, there is not any other type of food that describes autumn more accurately than a chestnut.

Whether you like your chestnuts baked, cooked, in sweet or salty dishes, in cakes, or even in your ice cream, the Chestnut festival in Oprtalj on the 18th of October is a place for you. Bon Appetit!

Wipe the dust from your sneakers

Istria is a host of numerous different sporting events in October. On the 10th of October, ambitious cyclists from all around the world participate in the Istria300 race, starting in Porec. This event is unique; during the race, cyclists can decide how many miles they want to cross. Trails long 300, 235, and 155 kilometers provide three distinctive routes. Ride along the most magnificent Istrian roads, it will give you something to remember.

Porec is a haven for sports enthusiasts. Porec Triathlon takes place on the 11th of the month in the magical scenery of this historic town. Swimming by the old town, riding a bicycle through Istrian vineyards, and running alongside the Adriatic Sea is a guarantee for an unforgettable experience. The action in Porec does not stop here. From the 16th to the 18th of October, you can visit a Sports Fest, a festival that combines a passion for sport and a healthy lifestyle.

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Barbara Boltiš

July 14, 2020