Things to do in September in Dalmatia

Heath and crowds can ruin the magic and make you more stressed than relaxed

Exploring beautiful Dalmatia cities, finding your place under the sun on the beach, or dining in the fine restaurant can be a real hassle during the summer months.

Why visit Dalmatia in September?

If waiting in the endless row to climb The Walls of Dubrovnik or getting sunstroke exploring the city does not sound so appealing, we are on the same page. Furthermore, since we live in a time of coronavirus, we should listen to experts, and their main advice is to avoid crowds. Taking all of this into consideration, Indian summer is a perfect time for your vacation on the Adriatic coast, known for its warm September and fewer crowds with numerous events and things you can do.

Sail away to the ancient ‘Deer islands’

Since there will be lesser crowds throughout September in Dubrovnik, you will not spend your vacation waiting in lines and bumping into people. You will have plenty of time on your hands to see everything you desire while still having a chance to do more.

Visit Dubrovnik This Summer

Sail to the stunning Elaphiti Islands and discover the pristine beauty of the Adriatic coast. Elaphiti originates from Greek, which means ‘Deer Islands’. Its unique shape served as an inspiration for the name. While there are no deers on the islands, one of the islands is a home for many bird species. Saint Andrew island is an ornithological reservation with a lighthouse. Grab your binoculars and admire different birds while they welcome you with their cheerful melody. You can also admire the sea life. Put on your diving suit and discover an underwater wall covered with algae and corals.

Visit Dubrovnik but be close to the islands. Stay in Luxury Villa Fairytale.

If you come to Croatia in June, air temperature is high, but the sea is still chilly. Over three summer months, the sea gets heated, and in September, you can experience perfect temperatures for swimming. The average Dubrovnik air temperature in September is 24ºC, with about the same temperature as the sea. Keep in mind that island temperatures are even higher. Take a walk on the endless sandy beaches of the Elaphiti Islands. Dip your feet into the warm silky white sand or run into the crystal-clear water of the Adriatic Sea. The abundance of fishes will keep you company while you float on the water gazing into the limitless blue sky.

Travel in time of Baroque through music

Reserve the first two weeks of September for the Baroque Festival on the Korcula island. Tune in and get mesmerized by the sounds of globally known musicians and their masterpieces. At Korkyra Baroque Festival, you will hear musicians present local and international music and cultural heritage. Concert nights are held in the ambiance of impressive cultural monuments of the island. The symbiosis of historic churches used as a stage for concerts and orchestra performing live creates an enchanting evening atmosphere. Grab your ticket for the Korkyra Baroque Festival. Take a seat and listen to the music breaking the silence.

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If you are up for further exploration of good music and local culture, there are plenty of interesting choices to consider. I will bring your attention to the two other festivals I like the most. There is an eight edition of the International Late Summer Music Festival Dubrovnik, which takes place from late August to the 18th of September, organized by the Dubrovnik Symphony Orchestra. Orchestra has a more than 90 years long tradition with performances in places all over the world such as Kennedy Center in Washington and the Château de Vêves in Versailles. One last thing. You will be surrounded by beautiful scenery in the heart of Dubrovnik. Is there anything more to add?

The Epidaurus Festival

About 20 kilometers from Dubrovnik, in a picturesque town Cavtat, you can enjoy The Epidaurus Festival. The Festival starts on September 18th and lasts 10 days. The focus of the festival is on music, but there are other various artistic events that you can see: drama, theatre, literature, and poetry. Use this chance to discover more about traditional Cavtat, known as Epidaurus in ancient times. Learn about its long history and natural beauties through this cultural event.

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All these festivals last more days. In case you do not want to miss any of these musical happenings, you can visit each one on a different day and get a taste of everything.

Surprise your taste buds with fine wine from Konavle vineyards

After you have tasted a night of wonderful music, it is time for you to taste even more excellent wine. Konavle region is filled with fertile vineyards, which indicates there is also an abundance of fine Croatian wine in the wine cellars. Forget about time and savor each sip of your wine. The hassle of summer months is over. Therefore, locals have more time for you. Having a serene atmosphere and locals being in a good mood will lead to many fascinating anecdotes, which you cannot hear anywhere else. With wine, there comes a portion of good food. Your hosts will make sure you get the local delicacies. Bite into a homemade cheese, prosciutto, and olives, picked out from trees in the area. September is also a month for grape harvesting, so you can learn the first step in making the best wine.

While you are in the Konavle region, do not miss the 5000 years unique old cave ‘Skycellar’, located under the airport runway. Cave was closed in 1962 because of the construction work at the airport. It was opened for the public in 2009. Because of the optimal conditions, locals got an idea to open a Museum of Konavle wines. Well, there is also a winery, so you know what that means. You will get to taste, once again, exquisite local wine, but this time under the stalagmites of the cave. When you are done tasting, you can buy a bottle or two as a souvenir (or to do further tasting).


Watch a different kind of movies at the Split Film Festival

Get out of the box and watch movies you cannot see on your television screen. From 10th to 17th of September, Split becomes a stage for movies produced outside the mainstream. Split Film Festival is the oldest international film festival in Croatia, founded in 1996. It supports experimental and subversive works of cinematography in various genres, styles, and lengths.

Admire Split from above

If you are up for a hike, explore Marjan park. Bring out your trainers and walk uphill. Paths and viewpoints are marked, ensuring you will not get lost or miss some of the most amazing views uncovering alleys of this Roman city and beautiful sea in the distance.

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This was just a small portion of everything Dalmatia can offer you in September. I hope you learned something new. If you would like to know more, feel free to contact us and let us arrange a unique experience that you will not forget. Take care!


Barbara Boltiš

July 14, 2020