Top 10 unique things to do in Dubrovnik

Find out what else Dubrovnik has to offer

It is no secret that Dubrovnik is the place to be when in Croatia. The thing most people don't know is that there is more to the story than walking the City Halls and drinking coffee in a popular Stradun. Stay tuned and add our top 10 unique must-dos in Dubrovnik to your bucket list.

1. Take a ride to Srđ in a cablecar

If you are in search of a mesmerizing sunset or just want to take an impressive holiday photo, Srđ is a perfect spot to do so. Going on a 10-minute drive via cable car to the top of the hill is a great way to your destination without breaking a sweat. During the sunny days, except for Dubrovnik, you can even see Cavtat and Elaphite Islands.

Croatia for Island Hoppers

2. Visit the stunning Island of Lokrum

One short ferry ride away from Dubrovnik, the island of Lokrum, is a peaceful getaway from the city fuss. Lush green botanical gardens and the small inland salt lake known as the Dead sea, are just some of the reasons to put Lokrum in your itinerary. If you are a fan of Game of Thrones, you will probably recognize Benedictine Monastery on the island as a filming location for the city of Qarth in the series.

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3. Enjoy sea kayaking

You can skip the ferry and get your daily workout by going to Lokrum with a kayak. Scenery from the kayak overlooking the Old Town of Dubrovnik is even more impressive than the one from the top of the Srđ. Don't stop there. You can make it a day trip. Explore pristine Adriatic and its hidden nearby beaches with sparkling turquoise water.

Croatia for Adventure Lovers

4. Book a Game of Thrones tour

There are quite a few locations from filming the hit TV show, Game of Thrones, all over the Dubrovnik area. If that is your cup of tea, a Game of Thrones walking tour is something to consider. Professional tour guides are familiar with both real and fictional history, so you won't have to do a separate tour of the city.

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5. Smell fresh vegetables at the market in the Old Town

Walking around the oldest market in Dubrovnik is the best way to start your Saturday morning. Fresh vegetables and fruits, sold by the locals in the baroque square of Gundulićeva poljana, will give you the authentic feeling of the Mediterranean lifestyle. Grab some seasonal cheese, olives, honey, or Mediterranean spices for an even better idea of the local culture. To complement the food, you can buy homemade flavored brandy called loza and travarica. Just be careful with the dosage, it will easily make you drunk.

Croatia for Foodies

6. Cool off your beer at the cliff bars

If you are a more of the beer kind of person, Dubrovnik offers a variety of craft beers. But you don't drink them just anywhere. The ideal places to enjoy your beer are the popular cliff bars with panoramic terraces spread through the rocks just a few steps from the sea. Not only will you enjoy looking at the Old Town, but you will also have a place to cool down your beer and feet.

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7. Taste delicious Dubrovnik rožata

After eating vegetables and fruits, drinking homemade rakija and craft beers, it is time for some dessert – Dubrovnik rožata. Dubrovnik rožata base was made from rather simple and modest ingredients; milk, eggs, and sugar. Since then, the pudding-like dessert was upgraded with an element from French cuisine, caramel glaze. At that time, similar desserts were developed in other European cuisines. Therefore, Italians today have crème caramel, Spanish cuisine has flan, France is famous for the crème brûlée and Croats are proud of their rožata.

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8. Take a walk in Trsteno Arboretum

Trsteno Arboretum, a green oasis 18 kilometers north of Dubrovnik, is also one of the locations used in a Game of Thrones series. This botanical garden dates back to 1400 and was once the summer residence of a Dubrovnik noble family. In this renaissance garden, you can find many exotic plants since in that day and age was common for sea captains to bring seeds and plants from their journeys.

Croatia for Nature Lovers

9. Admire art at the Museum of Modern Art Dubrovnik

There is something in store for art lovers in Dubrovnik, too. The Museum of Modern Art Dubrovnik features over 3000 artworks from Croatian and international artists. There is a variety of art pieces to see, including the ones from Dubrovnik's local artists such as Niko Miljan, Marko Murat, and Marko Rašica.

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10. Attend Dubrovnik Summer Festival

Dubrovnik Summer Festival lasts for 47 days and nights. During this period you can enjoy classical music, theatre, opera, and dance performances mainly in the Old Town. The most spectacular historical attractions come to life. The symbiosis of the Lovrijenac fortress, Sponza Palace, and Cathedral used as a stage and orchestra, actors, and dancers performing live creates an enchanting evening atmosphere you shouldn't miss.

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Discover more unique experiences hidden in Dubrovnik!

Dubrovnik has something for everybody's taste. Our local-based knowledge and enthusiasm for planning is a perfect formula for a dream vacation you deserve. Give us a call, and we will create a tailor-made journey in Croatia for your taste.

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Barbara Boltiš

June 28, 2021